Augmented reality ?



Automotive, aeronautics, construction, industrial and robotic equipment, energy, transport, etc. whatever your industry is, Augmented Reality solutions can be associated to help your business in a concrete way.


The in-store experience remains essential – but it needs to be rethought. Augmented Reality solutions are now implementable and can recreate relationships with customers and increase attendance.
In parallel, digital marketing in Augmented Reality offers more and more innovative options for retail 4.0.

Remote demonstration

« Live Stream Shopping », « Personal shopper », « consultation shopping » … or how to benefit from the expertise of advisors without having to travel.

With an in-store expert salesperson, through optimized and easy-to-access end-customer-oriented software platforms, remote demonstrations using Augmented Reality are now possible in a simple way.
Spearheading new innovative solutions, they are mainly a source of income.

The global Live Stream Shopping revenue expected to reach $ 413 Billion by 2022

Frost & Sullivan Projections, May 2021


• Reach low availability customers with more flexibility.
• Attract international prospects who are difficult to reach.
• Expand the customer spectrum with an innovative image.
• Increase sales revenue!


Customers experience

“Augmented” in-store items, provide additional information in a fun way, allow customers to interact, create engagement through personalized customer journeys.

It is the entire customer journey that can be improved through Augmented Reality.
Ikea, Nike, Lego, … and many others have paved the way for these uses.
Why not you?

The vast majority of shoppers (81%) expect Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance their in-store shopping experience and one-third (37%) think that this technology will eventually become standard across retail stores.

Klarna, The future of shopping, April 2023


• Provide a fun and interactive experience.
• Increase customer loyalty.
• Create dynamic in-store promotion.
• Rejuvenate its clientele.


Rethinking the visitor experience and their journey thanks to technology, now appeals to customers who are often hyper-connected and increasingly demanding.
Augmented Reality creates new empirical approaches and offers a wide range of innovations to create extraordinary experiences.

Museums, tourist sites : Improve the visitors experience

Unsurprisingly, today’s travellers no longer want “visits” but “experiences”. Filled with information, digital content and often highly connected to all ages, visitors wish to be told a story, immersed, and involved.
“Augmented” visits, historical re-enactments, train/bus/boat tours, etc., numerous achievements prove that Augmented Reality solutions appeal to the most demanding visitors.

The Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality solutions in the travel and tourism industry are projected to reach $4.02 billion at a CAGR of 4.5% by 2030

Global Market Estimates, August 2023


• Turn visits into experiences.
• Attract new visitors.
• Bring back the regulars.
• Rejuvenate the customers’ target.

Theatres, Operas, cinemas: subtitling & surtitling for everyone

It is a great success for a theatre or an opera to be able to give access to the hearing impaired through innovative captioning solutions, and thus improve the accessibility of cultural places.
But it can also be important to attract new spectators, especially international visitors who do not speak the language used at the event.
Augmented Reality captioning solutions are fully operational to increase the opportunities to access an ever-expanding audience.

Globally, 1.5 billion people have some degree of hearing loss and 430 million require hearing rehabilitation.

WHO February 2023


• Make performances accessible to the hearing impaired.
• Comply with accessibility regulations.
• Facilitate access to foreign visitors.
• Build an innovative image.
Getting subtitles through connected glasses

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