REAPSE, Latin adverb Pronounce reˈaːp.se/, [reˈäːps̠ɛ]
In reality, factually, really
… when innovation truly delivers.

The Augmented Reality Market was worth an estimated $12.45 billion in 2021, a figure that is expected to grow to $36 billion by 2026.

Statista, August 2022

Consultancy services for Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality projects development

Augmented Reality Smartglasses experts

As a fast-growing technology, Augmented Reality is a simple concept that means “adding digital information on the real world”.
Through a tablet, a smartphone or connected glasses, the use of Augmented Reality solutions improves productivity, attracts or retains customers, trains employees, overcomes a lack of resources, …
While the market is still fragmented, it is filled with many resources that focus on end-to-end solutions to solve existing problems.That is where Reapse Consulting comes in.

Key sectors

In the professional world, there are numerous possible usages of Augmented Reality and mixed reality at different levels of organizations.

This applies to many sectors such as industry, logistics, construction, education, culture or even the medical field… but some sectors have now become key in the use of these solutions.

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