REAPSE Consulting offers its services to companies wishing to implement Augmented Reality and mixed reality solutions based on smartphones, tablets or connected glasses.

We help our customers structure the project within their organization, understand existing product and solution offerings; we anticipate deployment challenges, propose the best tailor-made options and can support execution, alongside change management.

With passion, curiosity and a pragmatic approach, we quickly identify the challenges and draw up the specifications. We translate this into possible solutions and an action plan with clear and achievable steps.


Assess how AR can really benefit your organization

Identify in your organization: technical challenges, internal barriers, social issues

Understand available and deployable hardware (phones/tablets/glasses)

Being referred to the plethora of applications

Find the best qualified integrators in the field

In short, save time, energy and money – we propose we manage for you so that you can make the best decisions.


What we can do for you

  • 1


    Establish a diagnostic of the organization, analyse the actual needs & constraints
  • 2

    Project Definition

    Finalize the idea, turn it into a project mode, get internal resources on board (IT, HR Service…)
  • 3

    Identification of providers

    Find and test the most suitable partners, product & software offers among our qualified database of 500+ actors in Europe
  • 4


    Provide a coherent proposal, adapted to the needs and concretely implementable
  • 5


    Formalize the project as a whole for possible deployment
  • 6


    Assist in the development of a prototype
  • 7


    Support the execution of the project within the organization

A project, a question?